About Vitaject


Vitaject is a leading provider of safe, easy-to-use home injection kits, based in Florida but servicing the nation. We have over 15 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry, and we know the importance of nutrition for maintaining optimal health and preventing sickness and disease. If at any time you want to discuss health issues or lab results our sister company, Age Management & Optimal Wellness, offers free consultations.

Benefits of Vitamins
Hormone and Nutrition Optimization

In our experience of working with patients for hormone and nutrition optimization, we saw the results from a lack of healthy nutrition. Those who suffered the most were usually people taking the highest amounts of prescription medication. Many prescription medications are a temporary ‘bandage’ that should be used only as long as medically necessary but in our experience, we see many medications over prescribed and used for too long. What we realized is that the domino effect of the side-effects of prescription meds just keeps people sick; stuck in the cycle of needing medication. Vitaject is the complete opposite cycle. In fact, your health should start improving once and for all.

Optimal Health | Resilient Immune System

Vitaject is focused on improving your health with the benefits associated with giving your body the right nutrients and supplements for optimal health, a resilient immune system, and a better metabolism that will improve your life.


Vitaject is partnered with many of the leading providers in compounding pharmaceuticals. Our vitamin injections are made in fully compliant FDA approved facility to ensure the highest level of quality and sterility for our patients.


Our pharmacies are dedicated to utilizing the latest processes, facilities, and technologies to ensure continuous access to quality medications and expand access to quality, affordable medications.