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How Long Does my Medication Last?

A 30 mL vial will last about 90 days. Your supply can be calculated by the quantity, dose, and frequency of injection specific to your treatment plan. Example: 1 cc x 2 times a week will last 15 weeks. We offer some of our most popular Vitamin Kits in a 10 mL vial. Those kits will last about 4 - 5 weeks.

How do I Request a Refill?

We do not offer prescription refills. You just complete a new purchase with your existing patient discount code.

What is the Status of my Order | Prescription | Home Kit?

After your telehealth consultation visit and your eligibility is determined, please allow 7-10 business days before receipt of your home kit. Your tracking information will be sent to your email once the medication is in transit from the pharmacy to the shipping address provided during your purchase checkout.

How do I Schedule an Appointment?

After purchasing the product you will be prompted to complete the registration process. You can find those steps explained on our Get Started page. Please be sure to select the appropriate state you reside in. Only medical practitioners licensed in your state of residence can prescribe the home kits for you.

What's the Difference Between Vitamin Injections and Oral Vitamins?

Oral vitamin supplements travel through the digestive system, which can result in negative side effects such as nausea and constipation, while only allowing minimal absorption. Vitamins and minerals administered through injection guarantee close to 100% absorption into the body, and a much higher dosage of vitamins can be tolerated with minimal side effects. The results of vitamin injections are therefore far more effective and longer lasting.

How Often Should I Use the Injections?

Always follow the dosing directions on your prescription label and what was discussed with your medical provider. Typically, it is safe to inject weekly, although prescribed dosing ranges from one to three times a week.

Are Vitamin Shots Safe?

Yes. Self-administered vitamin injections are extremely safe when you follow step-by-step instructions and watch the 'How To Inject' videos. Our Vitaject Home Kits are compounded in a FDA approved sterile facility.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Any and all contraindications will be advised by your medical provider. When administered correctly, there should be no negative side effects associated with vitamin shots, and there is no down time either. In fact, you'll only feel the upsides to nourishing your body. If you experience any negative side effects, it is best to contact us immediately or 911 if it is a medical emergency.

Is it Painful?

Injectables should not be painful, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, you should only feel a tiny prick as the needle is inserted. We offer some helpful tips on our How To Inject page.

How Long Does the Injection Take?

Your first few injections could take about 5-10 minutes from preparation to completion. For veterans, it only takes a few minutes - and you'll start to feel the benefits immediately afterwards!

How do I Store my Medication?

Storage information will be provided by the pharmacy and will instruct medications to be stored at room temperature or refrigeration depending upon the product.

Where is the Vitaject Office Located?

Vitaject is a national virtual healthcare company with the home office located in Tampa, Florida.

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